So today I started a blog. Its odd that I am going to be writing my random thoughts and anyone could somehow find it. I’m not yet too concerned since I myself could not find it for literally 40 minutes today. I set up the template last night and went to bed with dreams of blogging away. This afternoon, I thought my blog was lost in cyberspace forever. Whenever I think of blogging I remember my freshman year roommate at college. She was way ahead of her time – blogwise. She was also a heinous kleptomaniac. It took me all year to realize she had been robbing me blind. I walked into her room two days before the semester ended to find half of my wardrobe, my makeup, my books, and other prized possessions scattered around her room. In her hamper, under the bed – I looked up to find a photo of her in one of my dresses, hanging on the wall. But the find that really put me over the edge, was months later, when I discovered her blog. Who blogged in 2003? Only weirdos, of course. She had an entry describing how she “hated her new roommates.” She then proceeded to call me a “spoiled JAP, ” pointing out that I had a “Dolce and Gabbana Filofax.” Excuse me, this was the first day of school! And that Filofax was from Woodbury Commons Outlets! “Savvy Shopper” is more like it. I was insulted and slandered on the “World Wide Web!” Well, I hope she finds this blog. Because I’m sure she never understood how that enormous vibrator got delivered to her parents house in her name, a week after school ended. You are welcome!

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