Gratitude. It’s the buzzword of the season. Everywhere you click, there’s an article touting gratitude. I’m reading a book on happiness (which is honestly quite boring if anyone has any good book recommendations) and gratitude is the number one thing that is hammered into the reader’s head. Gratitude = happiness.

Everything I read on the subject recommends writing in a gratitude journal. I tried it. I tried it multiple times which is why I have a gratitude journal, a gratitude notebook, a gratitude napkin… but like pooping, taking vitamins, and writing, I can’t do it every day. Habit = boring. So, I thought I’d do it all in one fell swoop in a gratitude article I’m writing from the toilet while swallowing Vitamin D pills.

I know I have so much to be grateful for. That’s probably why I take this exercise for granted. My basic needs are met. Which is amazing. Actually, when you stop to think about it, everything is amazing and no one is happy… which is also the name of a routine by Louis CK, which I know, he’s a perv and we’re mad at him now, but you should check it out here, he really highlights this!

I know I’m lucky in so many ways but to be honest, it’s so often that instead of feeling gratitude, I find myself harping on all of the reasons I’m dissatisfied with my life. Apparently, that’s not my fault. Our brains are programmed to have a negativity bias. Back in the day when the cavemen were always scanning for danger, our brains adapted to help protect us from natural threats. So now, we’re still lookin’ for ‘em! Hey look at that, I retained something from my boring book.

I can go over the most obvious reasons I have to feel gratitude. Friends, family, blah, blah. (But if you do want to hear why they are both amazing, check out this article here, here, and here.)

I think for me because I am so lucky to be alive, to be healthy, to live with a roof over my head and too much food in my belly, I need to stop and appreciate the small joys in life. So, over the past week, I’ve tried to stop and notice the small things that I am grateful for. Here are ten of ‘em:

  1. I am grateful for the free bananas at my spin studio. 
The first word I ever said was ‘banana.” Love those naturally packaged treats! They are so cheap and I can’t get enough of ‘em. Yet what’s cheaper than bananas? Me. Which is why I get such a thrill taking a free one home after finishing a spin class. Bonus tip: I’m newly obsessed with making pancakes by simply blending one banana, 2 eggs, and some cinnamon together. Try it out for a low-carb breakfast!
  2. I am grateful that Netflix allows multiple users on one account. I don’t get it, but I love it. Thanks Dad, for sharing.
  3. I am grateful my one-bedroom apartment has one and a half baths. Do you know how good I feel, knowing whenever I have a guest, their poop particles won’t be floating onto my toothbrush and their hands won’t be wiped on the towel I shower with?
  4. I am grateful for Bitmojis. I find they make texting way more enjoyable, and my bitmoji’s body is banging.
  5. I am grateful that I didn’t burn down my apartment this week when I left my hair iron on for the entire day. Let’s be honest, I probably do it once a week. And shockingly, my BaByliss Pro is still functioning. That’s a good quality product!
  6. I am grateful that my name is spelled with a “y” instead of an “i.” Aside from the fact that I totally don’t see myself as a “Diana,” when I meet a guy and he asks my name, I know he’ll spell it incorrectly and thus have a more difficult time tracking me down after I most likely ghost him.
  7. I am grateful that I didn’t use mouthwash to remove my makeup. I did get as far as putting the mouthwash onto the cotton ball and reaching for my eye but something stopped me from that almost painful occurrence.
  8. I am grateful for my amazing napping abilities. I have to say, it’s really impressive. I can go from zero to REM in no time. Give me 22 minutes, and I’ll give you the world…’s most rested person. (Anyone get the deep-cut 1010 Wins reference?)
  9. I am grateful for spell check. I may be a writer, but I probably have the spelling skills of an elementary school child. You wouldn’t know it, but I spelled elementary wrong as I wrote this!
  10. I am grateful for my hair color. 
Last weekend a bouncer looked at my ID and told me he liked my hair darker, referring to it in my license photo. I found it slightly offensive that he was commenting on my look but luckily for me, I enjoy the blonde highlights and lightened tone it’s developed since living in the California sun. That’s right ladies and ladies (because do gentleman care?), in my thirty-something years on this earth, I have never colored my hair. This hair color is au naturel. Which means unlike so many of my contemporaries, I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars each month at the salon.

So when you sit around the Thanksgiving table on Thursday and you’re forced to say what you are grateful for, don’t be lame and say something like your new baby or your fabulous partner! Tell them about that piece of gum you almost sat on but didn’t!

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