So today I felt some serious hatred toward NYC – every step I took, I found another person I’d like to punch in the face. And the worst part is, half of them aren’t even NYers, but tourist with their stupid fanny packs. Someone needs to tell this over ebullient tourist that you can’t take a full body picture in the middle of Herald Square at 5PM. No one running to their train is going to stop and let you block off the entire street so that you fit your girlfriend/child/grandmother etc. in front of Macy’s. If you do this, you will get a close up of someone’s ass. Secondly, shut the hell up on the subway. Joking, laughing and any other joyous emotions are not welcome in the subway. Everyone is miserable, eager to get home, and pissed off at the tourist who was taking a freaking picture, thus causing them to miss the first subway train that took off the second they reached the platform.

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