So today I read an article that made me feel like this:

And if this makes sense to you, you’ve probably seen what I had read:

If you’ve developed a  case of ADD (always.distracted.does my iphone have this new app?) as I have, I’ll tell you the gist: A Hollywood assistant who created a popular tumblr blog has just sold a TV comedy to CBS inspired by her blog.  Don’t call me herb though, because I’m not bitter.  Rather, I’m amazed that a tumblr account with no actual copy except for the title, has lead to a position as a television writer!  So yes, I’m a little PB and Jelly.  And you can call me Cheddar, because this is super cheesy.  Sidebar:  I’m also super hungry.  But at the same time, inspired.  I am seeing my fairytale come to life (albeit for someone else, but why not me?).  Not the one where I wake up one morning with Sophia Vergara’s chest and Giselle’s abs, but the other one.  The one where my prince charming is actually a small, golden winged lady sitting on the mantel above my fireplace/s’more oven.

Naturally, I logged onto my blog and figured it’s time to getting writing.  Dreams do come true. Or rather, blogs do.

When I lived in NY I was updating this blog like crazy.  Mainly because in NY, crazy comes at you.  Every day there was a new bizarre site I practically tripped over on my way to work.  In LA,  I have to open my eyes a bit more.  Yes, I saw two nuns smoking cigarettes in an alley today.  But I also work on a movie lot.  LA crazy is more subtle.  A lot of the time you don’t find it until you ask the simple question of “What do you do?”  The answer you often get takes so long you finish your entire vodka soda (NOT seltzer – they don’t say that here) before you find out that this douche thinks he’s important because he works for some director who once called Steven Spielberg’s office and Steven said he’d call him back (did he?  not yet…).  Here people think they can do it all – they speak in slashes, “I’m an actor/model/specialized male manicurist/hula hoop dancer/television personality seen on my own webseries that I funded through Kickstarter – so that also makes me a producer, doesn’t it?”  But here’s the funny thing about LA crazy – sometimes it’s just so crazy, it’s true.  Like a blogger/television writer/ tap dancer (I do a mean kick ball change).  It’s not true yet, per se, but until then, I’ll just be crazy like everyone else!

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