So today I am leaving for a week in Israel en route to my move across the country to California. I have a hard time believing I am actually going through with this because I am what the kids (elementary kids mainly) would call a “scaredy cat.” I tend to have an overly heightened and irrational sense of fear. Such things as the Nickelodeon show “Eurkea’s Castle” used to send me beneath the kitchen table, trembling. Don’t even get me started on “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” – seriously, those oompa loompas scare the shit out of me. And sometimes merely an unfamiliar face sends me running. Most recently, my friend and I joined a kickball team. We went back to one of our teammate’s apartment and after a lovely evening, a sudden panic overtook me. Who the hell are these people? I grabbed my friend’s arm and we dashed out of that apartment, faster than we had run during any of our kickball games. Needless to say, this move is going to be quite the experience. Never before have I been so outside of my comfort zone. But I am doing it. Too late now to back out. My Dad used to joke, “If I throw you a going away party, will you go away?” Well, I did have a going away party…so there ya go.

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