So today I decided to read the weekly email sent on Mondays by the PR department at my office. The email includes news updates on topics they think we would be interested in, as well as a list of weekly talk show topics by date. Usually I skim the email, think to myself “that sounds semi-interesting, I should DVR that later,” and then proceed to forget all about it by the time 5 o’clock rolls around. Today however, I was really intrigued. This is what was listed to be on Oprah:
The Oprah Winfrey Show:
Monday – “The 900-Pound Mom”
Tuesday – “Dr. Oz: After the Diagnosis with Montel Williams”
Wednesday – “The Taboo Topic: What Social Class Are You Now?”
Thursday – “Amazing Animals”
Friday – “4 Years Old: They Say They’re Ready to Have Sex”
I almost told my boss I was coming down with a case of the swine, because I HAD to get home and make sure I DVRed Friday’s episode. 4 year olds ready for sex? Too hilarious. I could just see it now – an angry preschool teacher knocking on that Playschool Cottage, a sexed up toddler screaming “we’re in the middle of something,” and throwing a plastic sunny side up egg out the window to shoo her away. God, kids these days. Just as I was internally kicking myself for thinking Oprah was overrated, and glad that I had kept that opinion to myself (Oprah’s fans are a die hard group) I received a second email titled “News You Can Use (revised).” I scrolled down, praying it wasn’t so, but alas, under the Oprah Winfrey show on Friday the topic was now, “14 Year Olds: They Say They’re Ready to Have Sex.” I hit “delete,” put my head down, and tried to think of what I could now look forward to this upcoming week.

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