Time flies when you’re having… fun? I never thought that eliminating what seemed like every food group and especially my favorite beverage of choice, alcohol, would be fun. 
But I was surprised to find that my 30-day experience on Whole30 was just that. I discovered that a great way to avoid overeating, which was often my evening activity after a long day of work, was to actually surround myself with more food and cook. I’m embarrassed to say how eager I am now to pack up and leave work so I can get home and try out a new recipe. Some people rush home to go see their family; I want to see my Crock-Pot. We all have our loves.

I found that when I didn’t make my social life revolve around eating out, I had no trouble sticking to the plan. Once everyone and their moms knew I was on Whole30, I didn’t have to explain my eating habits over and over again. They knew I was committed and wasn’t budging, so the annoying question of “just one bite?” subsided as time went by. I have always been someone who is easily persuaded – thank God I never became friends with heroin addicts – and I used to go along eating whatever my dining companion wanted. If I planned to eat a salad and a friend asked me to split a pizza instead, I’d be knee deep in tomato sauce faster than I could say “Okay!” This Whole30 has really strengthened my resolve. Pushover no more! Pushover hardly ever… I’ll try my best…

I woke up this morning, finished with my Whole30, in fear. The moment of truth. I followed the rules and didn’t step on the scale the entire 30 days. This was a difficult feat for me since I am used to stepping on at least once a week and consequentially letting the number determine the day’s mood. I took a page from The Biggest Loser – is anyone still watching that, by the way – and got in one more Last Chance Workout.

After, I hurried home, stripped down, took a deep breath, and stepped on the scale. With the “expect nothing and you won’t be disappointed” mentality (thanks, Dad) I was just praying for a weight loss. The results? I’m now only one pound away from the weight I lie about on my driver’s license! Six pounds down! That’s more than I have been able to lose in years, since my efforts to “diet” have been halfhearted at best. “I’m trying to not eat bread. Croissant you say? Sure, why not.”  Next up, the tape measure. I lost inches all around but my biggest success was my waist – and by my waist I mean directly across my belly button – which if you look it up, isn’t really your “waist.” Whatever is it, it’s my least favorite body part and I am glad to see it’s shrinking (it went down four inches). I’m not yet at the point where I would voluntarily walk around in a bathing suit at a pool party, but now I’m only slightly embarrassed to show you my before and after picture.

It’s flatter, right? Like you wouldn’t book me a Victoria’s Secret shoot but you also wouldn’t turn to your friend and whisper “elephants should not wear bikinis.” Regardless, I like where this is going and I don’t want to stop. After my weigh-in, I still ate myself a Whole30 approved breakfast and lunch. I’m enjoying this Paleo lifestyle and while I know I could never commit 100%, I’ve got a solid foundation now for a daily diet. 

My family comes to visit this weekend and we have a lot of meals out. I don’t plan to order a side salad and grilled chicken but I also think I may indulge in only one, not all, of the Whole30 contraband foods. And then, come mid-September, I’m off on a three-week trip to Europe. If Italy is anything like I’ve heard, I’m not going to get out of there without consuming at least a few pieces of pizza and pasta. But who knows? Maybe I’ll feel like my stomach is going to explode and run all over Italy looking for the bathroom (note to self, find out Italian word for bathroom), since many former Whole30ers reported such reactions after eliminating and then reintroducing these types of food. And at that point, it may not be worth it. Or, maybe I’ll feel full but happy and know that once I’m back in the good ole’ US of A, I won’t be eating this way and my noodles will once again become zucchini in disguise.

I have found that I can commit more to eating the way I want to. I don’t want dessert because honestly, the negatives outweigh the benefits for me. I plan to continue to post and look at my Whole30 Instagram account (theundirty30) more often than my personal one. I’d rather look at foodies than selfies. And I don’t want to give up my latest procrastination technique – Paleo recipe hunting – to make my work days pass by quicker. If you are considering Whole30, let me tell you, as they say at *Men’s Wearhouse – you’re gonna like the way you look.  I guarantee it.

*I just learned it’s spelled Wearhouse not Warehouse – clever.

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