Happy Monday! I am recovering from yet another cold. I’m not sure how someone who actually enjoys green juice and working out seems to be getting a cold every few months, but here I am, going through tissues faster than a teenage boy that just discovered masturbating. Yeah, I went there. Raunchy for my style but I’m feeling a bit risque after getting up on stage last night at the soon to be famous Sunday Night Sex Talks. Sunday Night Sex Talks is an all female, no boys allowed, storytelling show that the hilarious and talented Jessie Rosen started back in 2012. The first Sunday of every month, four female storytellers get up on stage and spill it all, telling stories that all relate to that month’s theme.. sexually. 

I’ve been a fan of the show for awhile and last month I decided, I should perform; if I’m gonna be a female in comedy, I have to push myself to get out there. This month’s theme was “Graduation” and since I have no sexual stories that came to mind after any graduation… college, high school, hebrew school.. nope, none (the downside of not slutting it up… less material later on in life) I had to think outside the box. I can’t share my full tale–we take a vow in our all-gal’s clubhouse to not share the stories we hear in there–but the gist was about all the a-holes I have liked and dated in the past, and how I’ve recently graduated from that stage of life. To all the former a-holes, no names were spared.

Leading up to the show, I got more and more nervous. I felt like I was a loose cannon: once I got on stage, who knows what would come out of my mouth. I typed a 6-page story, but having seen the show a bunch before, I always thought that the women who didn’t read from the page had a much better delivery.

A few hours before the show, I walked around my apartment, talking out loud, telling my story over and over again. Each time, it came out differently. Each performer has 10-minutes to talk. On my first rehearsal, I was only halfway through when my 10-minute buzzer went off. Other times, I finished with time to spare. This could go either way!

Hocked up on cold meds, it was showtime. I drank a beer to calm my nerves, and sat in the audience while three other talented performers went before me. As Jessie introduced me, I jumped up, a beat too soon, eager to just do this!

I got on stage and looking out, all I could see was a bright light. There could have been 5 people in the room or 500, I wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. It was now or never. So I began… and the story just flowed. I felt like I was talking to a group of girlfriends and I appreciated their reactions: gasps in agreement (see, I knew that guy was an a-hole) and laughter at my attempts to make a joke (phew). When I got up there, I just wanted it to be over. But when I was done, I was exhilarated–I could have kept going for 10 more minutes! 

I’m so glad I pushed myself to do something that I wasn’t fully comfortable with; it ended up being so much fun! I’m on such a high (although that could be the cold meds), who knows what I’ll try next!

Check out the Bachelorette tonight for a sneak peak into what goes on at Sunday Night Sex Talks!

No clue what I’m doing here…

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