So today I was driving home and saw a girl in neon green bopping around. First thought was, “where do these homeless people take dance lessons?” This wasn’t the first person I saw who had awesome moves on a street corner. There is a guy who stands in front of American Apparel on Robertson Boulevard who now that MJ has passed, reigns king of the moonwalk. He uses the window to talk to the man in the mirror (maybe asking him to change his ways). So when I saw this girl, dancing in oblivion, I thought she must be part of America’s Best Dance Crew – Homeless Edition. Then I saw the sign. “Marijuana Doctor, special $60.” I wish I could have seen that Craigslist ad. Don’t think I didn’t look. “Needed – pot promoter. Non-smoker, non-ugly need not apply.” These hidden gems certainly make the long hours we folks in LA spend in our cars entertaining. Just keep looking. As I drove home from my waxing appointment (which was lovely by the way, thanks for asking. It amazes me how you can have great conversation as someone is inches from your lady parts), I saw this license plate.

SPRFCL – superficial, no? There’s a reason they call them vanity plates. The bedazzled frame around the license plate really was the cherry on top of the cheesecake. I was tempted to rear end this shmuck but any damage to their car would probably not be taken lightly. It’d be on the outside, where it counts.
One more sighting this week was a sign that read “Accent Correction. Learn to Speak American.” I’d check this guys qualifications before signing up for his services.
But, if you are not fortunate enough to live in a city filled with crazies, there’s always YouTube:

Wow. Kids move so fast these days.

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