As a Jew, I observe the major holidays. Not all of them–because if you do your resarch there are a ton! Best move I ever made was taking a Judiasm class during the fall semester my senior year of college. We never had class! There was always some holiday or another. One thing I like about being Jewish is the incorporation of wine into most religious gatherings. Tonight, on the Jewish holiday of Passover, throughout the haggada (the book used to tell the story of Passover) there are several times when you are instructed to drink. Cheers to that! You also work up to the “festive meal.” I think all meals, regardless of if it is breakfast, lunch or dinner should be called that. I woke up, went for a jog, had a festive meal, and then went to work! Speaking of work, this Jew is working all weekend. So as part of my promise, I am writing this daily entry. But I must now say good night, Shabbat Shalom, Happy Passover and T-Goy-I-F to my non-Jews! 

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