As I kid, I was one of those why kids. Why is the sky blue? But, why? Seriously though, can anyone tell me? I don’t remember most of what I learned in school, but I do remember the 5Ws – Who, What, Where, When, Why. I want the facts, always. I’m currently on a show where there are a lot of closed-door meetings. If I’m not on the inside of that door, I immediately go into detective mode. I need to know what’s up! When I daydream, my mind wanders. Like just now, as I try to write this before I leave work for the day, I’m wondering….

If a baby farts in a pregnant woman’s stomach, does she feel it?

If you have a sex dream about someone, does the other person simultaneously have that same dream? 

What do bugs think about? Do they feel pain when you squish them?

Will the bush ever come back? How will I know?

Did dinosaurs have sex? Also, did they talk like they do on the television show “Dinosaurs”? Before you say no, how would you know?

What the heck does permanent press mean on the washing machine? 

What would happen if I drove a golf cart onto the ramp by the Jaws ride at Universal Studios?

How many slices of pizza could I really eat? Like if I just kept going.

I disagree with the notion that there is no such thing as a stupid question. I would know, because I ask a lot of them. They say “curiosity killed the cat” and that is why I love curiosity. Cats are scary as hell!

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