I lose things… a lot. If there was a lost and found with all the items I’ve lost throughout my lifetime, it could fill a department store. Jewelry, clothing, shoes, retainers… I even lost the first version of this blog post all of two minutes ago! I’m convinced if I die and go to hell, my eternity will consist of me walking around a giant parking structure, looking for my lost car. In the past, I’ve given up on finding my car, hopped in a cab, and started my search over again the next morning (I found it, eventually). Tonight, I am still getting over the shock of what just happened. I walked from my car to the mailbox in my lobby and then up to my apartment. In that short time span, I could have sworn my laptop was with me. Didn’t I use it to shield my nose as I walked by the stinky guy who smokes at the pool? Tonight, as out of the norm as it is, my apartment is particularly clean, which means that I did a thorough check of the place and the laptop really isn’t here. I started to go over a mental list of everything that would be lost along with that laptop… when you’re an unorganized writer like me, there is a potential for a pretty tragic loss. If I backed up my computer, like the daily pop-up reminder constantly nags me to do, then this wouldn’t be as devastating. But did I do that? What do you think? 

I ran back to my car, did a full check. Nope, just tons of empty Poland Spring bottles. I went to the mailbox, back to my apartment, and back down again. Someone must have taken it while I got my mail. I quickly crafted signs and hung them up in the lobby and the elevator of my building asking whoever found my laptop to please call me ASAP. I told any neighbor I saw. One of them suggested I write “reward” on my signs. I did as he said, leaving “reward” as vague as it could be. No mention of “monetary” on there. I didn’t want anyone to return or not return it based on the offered reward. I ran into a couple I’ve met a few times, but I never knew they lived in my building. I said “Hi, are you Mike’s friends? I’ve met you before. I’m a crazy person. My laptop is missing. Let me know if you see it. Okay, byeeeeee.” I texted my building manager and demanded we review the tapes to see the criminal who must have swiped my laptop from behind me. Then, as a last ditch effort, thinking “I definitely had it with me,” I called my office to see if I left it there, even though, I knew I didn’t. Given that I’m writing this article (from my iPad if you were wondering) and not huddled shivering in my bathtub, having a panic attack that my life is gone, you can guess that it was indeed, at my office. The only upside of losing things is the utter joy I experience when my missing items are found. Doesn’t happen every time though. No, not even close. If you ever find a JanSport backpack with a Grateful Dead bear patch on the pocket, you know who to return it to. 

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