I’m not a professional dancer… although man, did I try. From elementary school up until my senior year of high school, I went to dance classes daily. There was one ballet teacher who when I was about ten, told me I needed to lose weight. From that point on, I forever hated ballet and ergo Wednesdays, when I had to take that stupid class. I improved over the years, how could I not? I scored the prestigious 7th grade yearbook superlative of “Best Dancer.”  Little did they know that I was a total spaz posing as a dancer. I never had that same natural grace that some other girls I took dance with did. I knew it. I sometimes blew it. Like when we were at a dance competition and the music stopped mid-routine. Apparently, you are supposed to just keep dancing sans music, not should out “Hey! we’re not finished yet!” as I did. Tap dancing was my favorite. It didn’t require me to contort my body in ways it didn’t want to bend, and I liked bringin’ the noise and bringin’ the funk. I eventually gave up my dancing career when I went to college and realized I should be focusing on other things. Like boys and booze. And my studies, of course.

However, dancing in and of itself is fun. And it’s even more fun now, because I dance for my own entertainment, not that of others. I take dance classes and giggle throughout. I love hitting the floor at weddings, bars, the carpeted floor of my apartment… even at my office I’ve been known to breakout into spontaneous dancing. I’m currently trying to learn the routine in this video:

It’s not going well, but that’s okay. My moves aren’t always pretty or on the beat, but it always feels good. I really think I’d make Lee Ann Womack proud.

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