If you read my post yesterday, you know that my bat mitzvah theme was “Camp Dyana.” Camp: it’s like the place was created just for me. A jam-packed schedule all the time!? Yes, please. Even as a child, I knew I thrived when I was kept busy. From sunrise to sunset, we were playing sports, crafting crap, and watching evening performances by such greats as the guy who balances children in a beach chair, on his face. We would chant, I kid you not: Put me on your face! put me on your face!

There was a period of time, when fellow campers got older and decided that they would rather go to summer programs where they lived in university dorms and I don’t know, got high? Took a pre-SAT prep course, perhaps? I wasn’t sure what the draw was. Having the freedom to pretty much do whatever you want? Hard pass.

Now that I work in the entertainment industry, I pretty much live a life of uncertainty. Sometimes, like when I’m not working on a television show, I could have days on end that yes, I could stay in bed and live out the lyrics of Bruno Mar’s The Lazy Song. However, to me, that sounds like a real Taylor Swift: a nightmare dressed like a daydream. Day after day with no purpose or structure? Shiver. I need a schedule, even if it’s an arbitrary one I make up for myself. Give me deadlines and I will meet them. But endless days on the horizon, with nothing in sight, and I will just stare into the horizon filled with anxiety. Even this blog itself, has given me another must-do on my daily list. And somehow, when I start filming a pilot in a few days, and my hours are super long, I’m going to make it work. With blog as my witness, I will get it done.

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