So today I spent way too much time on Facebook. Really, anytime I’m on there doing anything other than damage control by de-tagging unflattering photos of myself, is too much time. It’s addicting. And Facebook has reached a whole new level now that I am at the age where “wedding season” has shown up without warning, in my life. I have not yet attended any but it’s like this storm that is brewing on the horizon. It’s not snowing yet, but it’s about to be a blizzard of white. At the age of twenty-five, albums titled “So and So’s Wedding” or “Mr. and Mrs. So and So” are replacing the “Hit Me Baby One More Time” and the “Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture”s of the past. Same drunken expressions, classier outfits. I had to call my Facebook binge quits though, when I got to a close up shot of the wedding night lingerie of the bride to be, who by the way, I had never met (but must be a friend of a friend’s friend which is how I arrived at her photos). You don’t know me, but I know you wore a red lace thong on the night you got married. How strange is that? But maybe they know that I know they know I know who they are. This classic conundrum was addressed years before any of this existed on “Friends,” where you just don’t know how much someone else knows about your life. Speaking of “Friends,” tonight I was thrilled to meet a woman who had been on “Friends” in a reoccurring role throughout one season. Let’s just say her name was “Joan”** but in my mind she was (let’s just say) “Lindsay”** from “Friends”. Joan is the newest member of my writers group, a collection of people I meet with weekly to go over and provide help on our scripts we are each writing. I tried to play it cool, not revealing to Joan that I knew who she was when I first said hello. I was good throughout our entire meeting, acting as if Joan was any regular ole’ non-actress. I was the last to have my script read, and it was then that I blew my cover, when assigning parts for each member of the group to read in my script, I said loudly, Lindsay, can you read the part of the mother? Given that her name is Joan, and she has probably had a million other roles since her role as “Lindsay” on “Friends,” it was slightly embarrassing. I just hope tomorrow I can remember to search using her correct name when I try and friend her on Facebook. That is unless I get distracted by another wedding album taunting me to take a closer look.

**Names have been changed – remember when they used to do that in the YM, “Say Anything” columns?? Wow, I am old…this wedding thing is starting to make some more sense…

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