I’ve got my share of fears. But the most prevalent is my fear of missing out (FOMO). I share this ailment with some ladies that I plan to one day soon share a pitcher of margs and some appies on our besties weekend getaway to Cabo. It was hilar, we all came down to the pool in the same bathing suit, we were like, OMF-ing G! I’m talking about Mindy Kaling, who is amongst many other things, the author of the book “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” That title pretty much sums up my FOMO. And then there are the Broad City chicks, Ilana and Abbi, who had an entire episode dedicated to the affliction called “Hashtag FOMO.”

It starts with that aching feeling inside. It then forces me to go out when I should be in bed treating that nasty cold or makes me stay at a party ’til the very end, to prevent missing anything epic. And, it also leads me to create non-existent situations in my mind, because I’m wondering, tell em’ Mindy:

For my sixteenth birthday my friends threw me a surprise party after the school talent show. The show ended early enough, and yet when I asked everyone what they were doing after, they all brushed me off. Great. Something was going on and I wasn’t invited. Didn’t have a clue. On the plus side, I’m really easy to throw a surprise party for. I literally never expect it. Ya hear that, future lover?

Side effects of FOMO may include carpel tunnel from extreme social media stalking,
late night binge eating, excessive spending on plane tickets, delirium, and irrational mood swings.


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