If you read my earlier post, you know that I’m full of irrational fears; yet the things that many people think are crazy scary, I’m all for. I like a rush. While studying abroad in Australia, I took a trip to New Zealand and partook in their pro-adventure sports lifestyle. I went bungee jumping from the highest bungee in New Zealand, The Nevis. The best way to describe the experience is to quote Will Ferrell:

The jumping point was hanging between two mountains, over a river. While most of the kids on our trip opted out, I accepted the challenge. Then, I got a little higher while in New Zealand, and went sky diving. Once you force yourself to just jump, the fall is totally worth it. Good words to take on a less literal level. Geez, I’m so deep.

While I was away that semester, I was up to try anything once. I surfed, or rather, attempted to.

I went scuba diving and got lost in the deep sea; I was ways away from the reef that I was supposed to be admiring–spoiler, I got out. I tried a drug that I probably shouldn’t have, but I was in my YOLO mentality (although maybe not the best one to have when it concerns drugs). This past September I went on a 17-day tour throughout Europe. It was just what I needed; a way to appreciate the unknown and adventure of life. Every day was a new experience. I love the excitement of living a day out of the ordinary. Even if that day consists of hopping in the car with a friend and just seeing where the drive takes us. And even if you end up in a random park with a ton of chickens, it’s worth it. So call me, whatever it is, I’m in.

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