So today I thought back on what an exhilarating time the beginning of Fall used to be. Pandemonium ensues as kids play” Staples” Market Sweep, running to grab up the shiniest compasses and Lisa Frank trapper keepers before other classmates get them first. The fear that all the good notebooks, i.e. the Five Star ones will be gone and you’ll be shamed to have to carry a generic Staples one. And then there is the back to school outfit. New from head to toe, enough to be noticed, but not too much to make you stand out in the crowd. My personal favorite was my long black flowered dress, similar to a dress of an Amish woman, accessorized by pink scrunchie socks and a jean vest to complete the look. That was sixth grade.

Twelve years later, I have to reach to find the same excitement. Instead of filling up my shopping cart, I fill up my DVR. I don’t have a brand new outfit, but rather, all my old summer pieces that I am utterly confused if I can still wear. White jeans, no longer a post-Labor Day faux pas (man that word is hard to spell)? Are sandals banished? Is it too soon for boots? What is the deal with Uggs! The Fall is no longer a hello to new beginnings, but rather a goodbye to good times. Goodbye Summer Fridays. Goodbye Hamptons, Fire Island, LBI. Goodbye chode shaped sunburn. If only I had a new pair of Mavis to soften the blow.

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