So today my mind was in 50 different places at once. None of those places were the present moment and thus, I ended up messing up almost all of my tasks. And by tasks, I include those daily ones that should be second nature. It started in the bathroom. I walked in and flushed the toilet – prior to sitting down. This next scene also takes place in the bathroom – this time in the shower. I put a giant glob of body wash in my hands (I was at the gym so no loofah handy) and instead of putting it onto my body, I smacked it onto my face. Dripping with generic body wash, I pursed my lips to avoid tasting it. Unfortunately, that was hard to do, given the volume of soap to the ratio of my abnormally tiny face.

At the office, I thought today was going to be the day my time was up. I rescheduled a meeting meant for today for next Wednesday, accidentally. I sent back a response for person A, to person B. And I even managed to jam up not one, not two, but three printers. A serial killer on the lose, no piece of technology was safe from me. My cell phone took a beating when it dropped down the stairs, plummeting to its death. Or, more accurately, into a coma. Sim card not recognized? But you’ve been together for two years! I got on the subway only to realize that my metro card was missing. Out of spite, I took a half hour walk home instead of coughing up the $2.25. On this walk, my head was down, trying to fix my broken cell phone. Distracted again, I fully collided into a headphone-wearing, plaid shirted, hipster. I was fully embarrassed. He on the other hand was fully in a trance, and barely acknowledged our run in. Once safely in my apartment, my phone had two missed calls, one from a moving company (my lease is up in two weeks) and one from my mother. Ever so distracted, I returned the first call, and ended the message the way I usually would…to my mom. “Hi, sorry I missed your call. Call me back. Love you.” I just told a moving company that I loved them! Realizing that today was just not my day, it was time for me to eat my breakfast and call it a night. Dinner! Eat my dinner. As I write this I have the TV going and I can’t help but to turn my focus to what is on the screen. I think its time to end this post before I somehow forget I’m doing this in the first place.

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