So today I noticed I had red bumps, which look like bug bites, all along my right arm. Upon further inspection (aka a shower) I saw they were on my stomach too. Thank god! I was so relieved to see these bumps had appeared at the perfect time – right before my dermatologist appointment tomorrow. I’ve actually had that eye situation going on now for over a month. The under eye irritation seems to be popping up at random times, even the days when I don’t sleep in my contact lenses, use infected eye make-up, or remove the makeup with an infected eye pad… When this first began over a month ago, my assistant (aka my mother) called to make me a dermatologist appointment with my doctor in my hometown. Two weeks after the incident, I was sitting in her office, my eye/skin totally healed (or so I thought at the time). I felt like a moron when the doctor came in to ask why I was there, and I had no reason. “Mole check?” I mumbled. Annoyed that I hadn’t scheduled time for this procedure, she begrudgingly gave my body a once over, with the same brevity of the head to toe eye scan that creepy construction workers give as you walk past them on the street.

Last weekend the mysterious eye disaster appeared once again. I quickly found a dermatologist in the city who would take my insurance, and made the first available appointment for tomorrow morning. Well, as I look in the mirror, my eye problem is once again nonexistent. I think I’ll sleep in my contacts and put on some makeup before bed, just to try and bring it out. I can’t handle the humiliation of showing up to another dermatologist without any skin problems to display. That is why I am so relieved to see a new ailment has arrived. I just hope it sticks around until tomorrow – I don’t want to get a reputation as the girl who cried skin infection!

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