So today I was speed walking to pick up my lunch, irritated as usual by all the slow walkers and the cigarette smokers puffing in my pathway. All around me I heard New Yorkers groaning and moaning; is everyone here miserable? Almost. Everyone that is, except children. A young boy was heading directly towards me, holding his father’s hand, radiating joy. Why is this? Because he was skipping – the simple key to happiness! This hippity hoppity gait that comes naturally to children, at some point, becomes socially unacceptable for adults. Why is it that more people don’t skip? Imagine leaving your home in the morning and everywhere around you, people are skipping to where they have to go. How much fun would that be! Skip across the street? Don’t mind if I do. Even picture someone named “Skip.” I bet you he’s a friendly lookin‘ fellow, isn’t he? Alas, these unnecessary social norms such as walking and “no shirt, no shoes, no service” policies, have ruined all the fun that children are still able to have! A 2-year old boy walks into a restaurant sans shirt and pants and it’s cute; A 24-year old girl does the same thing, and not so much. All this time I thought I disliked children, but I’m really just jealous of them. Because I would much rather be skipping naked than walking fully clothed. Face it – you would too.

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