Hi friends! We’ve made it to day two million (may as well be) of quarantine! Usually, I’m pretty excited for April. It’s my birthday month. I often go back East to visit friends and family. And, regardless of where you live, it’s usually pretty good weather all around. So, it seems pretty on par with our apocalyptic times that as I write this, it’s raining and dreary here in Los Angeles.

I’ll be honest. I’ve had a few days where I’ve woken up and held back tears. This new world we find ourselves in is bizarre and sometimes scary and depressing. I’m trying to allow myself to feel this way, accept life is weird AF, and then, switch gears to the positive. If you’re like me and can’t but help give your email out whenever prompted, your inbox is full of helpful tips to get through this time. However, who has time to read all of that? What? Everyone? Cool, cool. Well then, here’s one more thing for you to read!

In my last post, I shared ten ways I’ve been keeping myself busy. Here’s ten more. Hopefully, one of these ideas may spark some inspiration and help you pass the time, and dare I say, even enjoy it?

10. Watch must-see films. Living in Los Angeles and working in the entertainment industry, I’ve hidden this dirty little secret. I’ve never seen (insert Best Picture/classic film here). Gregg and I compiled a list of these films, and we’ve been watching one almost every night. At least we don’t have to travel through a shit tunnel to escape this quarantine. One day, we will get out, and visit our own version of Zihuatanejo. Yes, that’s right. I hadn’t seen The Shawshank Redemption until last night!

9. Start a fitness program. I know, I know, some of you are like, “fuck off.” But I’m telling you, working out consistently really does improve your mood! Gregg and I are about to embark on a 30-day-fitness journey, following the daily Instagram Live workouts from Health House. Once a day, we’ll be working out together, holding each other accountable. If you’re quarantining solo, you can do this with a friend, both working out remotely, but together.

8. Find something to obsess over. Me? I’m obsessing over getting a bernedoodle puppy. Anyone who knows me, knows I’ve been talking about wanting a dog forever, but now, I’m tired of waiting. I’ve been researching breeders, doing some light stalking, and figuring out what steps are necessary. Unfortunately, it seems getting on a waitlist is one of those steps. Not fun if you’re impatient like me. In the meantime, if anyone has a dog I can pet (I’ll wear gloves), let me know!

7. Play online games with friends. I was not expecting to enjoy this as much as I have the past week. Grab some drinks and play Cards Against Humanity, freshen up your artistic skills with Skribbi (Pictionary), and learn some new fun facts, like pigeons can’t fart, with Trivia on the House Party app.

6. Experiment with bananas. While some of the grocery store shelves are pretty bare these days, bananas are still aplenty! Banana was my first word, my first love, and now, my quarantine savior. My two favorite recipes? Banana pancakes: simply blend two bananas with one egg and a dash of cinnamon. Use as you would pancake batter.
Brownies: blend six bananas, a cup of almond butter, and half a cup of cocoa powder. Bake for 17 minutes at 350F degrees.
Life is bananas, amiright?

5. Visit some new neighborhoods. I think I’ll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun is callin’ my name… Getting outside at least once a day is so helpful. But, instead of walking around my area, I drive to other parts of LA to get a change of scenery. From the big homes in Brentwood to the mansions in Beverly Hills… I need a get-rich-quick plan. Any thoughts?

4. Listen to podcasts. You think you’ve got it bad? Check out Root of Evil. Wanna laugh? Listen to my comedy girl crush, Andrea Savage, on her podcast, A Grown-Up Woman. While many save their podcasts for car rides, I’ve found them great for long walks. Sometimes when I return home mid-podcast, I lie on my bed, close my eyes, and continue to listen. It feels weirdly luxurious to do so!

3. Volunteer. I signed up for the app, Be My Eyes, which connects volunteers to those who are blind or have low vision. If a call comes in, you can choose to accept if available, and then be connected to someone who needs help. Guide them as they try to pick out their favorite shirt, read a nutrition label, or… well, I don’t know. I’m still waiting for my first call to come in.

2. Have a big night in. Gregg and I dressed up last Saturday — you’d be amazed how soft your hair is after not straightening it for days — got takeout (Mo’ sticks and pizza for the win), cracked open a bottle of wine and feasted. We then turned on some music, danced around our living room and had a really good time. Even if you’re home alone, you can splurge on your favorite restaurant, dance like no one’s watching (because no one is) or FaceTime a friend and do this together.

1. Look for good news! As if you couldn’t love Jon Krasinksi any more, he has given us a reason to. Jon started a weekly news show, aptly named, Some Good News, on his Facebook page. You’ll laugh, cry, and have a new appreciation for Zoom when you see the episode below. If reading is more your speed, sign up for the Morning Smile newsletter.

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