So today I walked into our kitchen at work to see a “Happy Birthday to all our April Birthdays” sign hung on the wall. I scanned the poster and was miffed to find that my name was not on there! Normal people would be upset, and chalk it up as an oversight. But for me, this has happened way too many times. I physically pinched myself (cheesy, but I had to try) and yes, I’m pretty sure I’m real. So what gives?

Not just one, but the past two flights I was on, the stewardess skipped over me while passing out beverages. TWICE? Is there something about me that would make one believe that I am not thirsty? That someone would think, “this girl’s thirst looks quenched, she mustn’t need a nice, cold beverage.”

A few weeks ago my company was re-organized. After a large company-wide meeting, we were informed that upon returning to our desks everyone would have an invitation to a smaller group meeting to find out their new role/division. I return to my desk, open my mail and find that I have no such invitation. For three days everyone was buzzing about the new offices they were moving to, the new accounts they were working on, and there was a general sense of excitement. I on the other hand, walked around confused, wondering if I still worked there. I briefly considered not coming into work for the next few weeks and seeing if a paycheck still rolled in. Instead, I took the responsible route of stalking whomever I could find, who may know my fate. I finally cornered our HR Rep and got a casual, “oh, you didn’t get a meeting invitation? That’s weird. Yea, you are working at Division B.” Three weeks later, I have a new seat and desk and still no clue what my actual job is.
And most recently, I celebrated the Jewish holiday of Passover at a family friend’s house for the first time. During the Seder, the traditional meal in which the story of the Jew’s exodus from Egypt is told, I was once again overlooked. Every family has their own traditions and customs, and in addition to waiting until everyone is on the verge of death to feed them, one woman at the table went around and thanked everyone (all 22 people) for some ridiculous reason that made them worthwhile. Well needless to say, everyone but one person was thanked (including those that this woman had never even met before). I contemplated pointing out that she forgot me, but then I considered the alternative – maybe if I really am invisible, I can go into the kitchen and get some damn food already!
I always thought being invisible would be up there for cool super-power to have, but in the real world, its turning out to be another big inconvenience.

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