Producer & Writer

Creative writer, editor and producer offering 10+ years’ production experience creating impactful, fresh and innovative content in various mediums. Skilled content creator with natural talent for comedic storytelling, writing, and the capacity to handle internal organization, editorial notes, talent and crew communication, and team leadership requirements. Team-oriented and tactical with strategic approach to managing diverse requirements. Constantly looking to learn, grow, and lead with curiosity

I began my blog Write Turns and Wrong Ones in 2009, back when I lived in New York City and worked in pharmaceutical advertising. Today, I live in Los Angeles and I’ve become what we in the biz call a “slashy.” (Full disclosure: I may have made that term up). I am a comedy writer/producer/copyeditor/marketing consultant/sometimes-performer. I went to The George Washington University where I got a marketing degree and graduated as Marketing Student of the Year a.k.a. I was the best among my major. Like, numero uno. Also, I’m super humble.

Since moving to Los Angeles I’ve worked on several sitcoms including Happy EndingsEntourageGround Floor, Big Time in Hollywood FloridaGrowing Up Fisher and Undateable. I have written several half-hour pilots (contact me if you are interested in reading) and I am a contributing author for several online publications.

In my spare time you can find me sweating in different exercise classes or enjoying a good meal as reward for my aforementioned exercise. I love to travel and dream about visiting far off places; don’t ask me to point out on a map where they are though. Seriously, It’s embarrassing. Dare I say I like dogs more than people, but I don’t want the full responsibility of owning a dog myself. So, I apologize if you catch me taking a photo of your cute pup — I just can’t help myself! I write about anything and everything that happens in my life and try to find comedy in all of it. I hope you like what you read and that it makes you laugh. If it doesn’t, please don’t tell me. I can’t handle that right now.