In the spirit of US Weekly, I created a “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” List. So, I will not be declaring what I am this evening, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.

1. My first AOL screen name was YourMom107.
2. I have trouble with the letter H and can never remember how to pronounce the words: human, herb, and Herb (the name).
3. I played the violin in 4th grade.
4. I got a nose job when I was in high school.
5. I don’t know how to properly wrap a present.
6. I talk out loud to myself when I’m home alone.
7. I freak out if I lose my tweezers.
8. I have never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
9. I got sent home from middle school for wearing a shirt that said “Jail Bait.”
10. This year was the first time I ever had stitches after stabbing myself with a knife while cutting a spaghetti squash.
11. Sometimes I burst into tears when nostalgic songs come on the radio.
12. My karaoke song is “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” by Meatloaf.
13. I don’t like horse back riding because it hurts my crotch.
14. I was really skilled in Spanish and won a national contest when I was in high school.
15. I worked in pharmaceutical advertising before I started working in television.
16. I won the DARE essay contest in 5th grade. The topic was on the importance of friends.
17. I am as blind as a bat without my contact lenses. Also, I don’t understand that expression. Are bat’s really blind?
18. I thought a werewolf was a real thing until recently.
19. I want to freeze my eggs if I am not ready to have a kid by 35.
20. In high school, I peed in my pants during a field hockey awards dinner because I was laughing so hard at some little kid who farted.
21. I have no idea how to do my own taxes, which is embarrassing.
22.I have never seen the movie “E.T.”
23. I cried when my sister was born because I wanted a brother.
24. I don’t enjoy massages but I get them because I want to enjoy them.
25. I hate doing laundry with a passion.

I was going to do this cute thing where I put my face over hers, but then I realized I don’t know how.

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